tirami-su posture coach

A Better Posture from Day 1

A better posture starts with awareness. It’s not always easy to constantly remind yourself to maintain a healthy posture. With the Tirami-Su, you won’t have to. It automatically vibrates when you slouch away. A healthy posture becomes a habit.

How It Works

The Tirami-su is also suitable for kids! Watch the video to see how easy it is to use the Tirami-su.

Why It’s Amazing

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30 Days Battery Life

Never suffer from low battery anxiety. The Tirami-Su lasts for up to 20.000 vibrations per single charge. In fact, you might forget that it actually has a battery.

Radiation Free

No unnecessary phone apps and Bluetooth/WiFi connections means that it’s 100% radiation free. Moreover, there’s no storage of private information that hackers would love to steal.

Skin Safe

The Tirami-Su is made from premium and durable materials. No unsafe paints. Allergy tested on sensitive skin.

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What’s In The Box

You can purchase the iSweo Tirami-Su with either a blue or green magnet clasp. A box with multiple colours are also available. The box will include the digital posture device and 1 or multiple magnetic clasps, both safely packed in a soft pouch inside the box. Furthermore, there’s an USB cable and a user manual that includes an easy step by step guide to get started.

improve posture digital device box design packaging
posture corrector device whats in the box

Technical Specifications

Battery Life334 Hours Standby. Up to 20.000 vibrations per single charge.
Waterproof RatingSplash-proof (IP54)
Weight10 gram (0.3 oz)
Size40mm in width
CertificationsCE / RoHS passed
What’s in the boxDigital posture device, magnet clasp, soft pouch & USB charging cable


Why is this device called the Tirami-su?

Find the answer in this blog post.

The device doesn’t vibrate, what’s wrong?

The device will only vibrate when you’re in a wrong seating posture for longer than 7 seconds. This rule is implemented to make sure it won’t wrongly vibrate you when you’re for example leaning forward to grab a pencil or cup of coffee. Read the manual for more details on how the device communicates. These are also available for download below:


Manual (English)

Manual (Italian – Italiano)

Manual (Chinese – 中文)